Modern Farmhouse Interior Design Inspiration for Home or Kitchen Remodeling

The “modern farmhouse” design style continues to evolve and impress among interior designers, homeowners, and DIYers looking to remodel their home to a trendy new style. When you strike that perfect balance of comfort and casual, mixed with refined, modern decor and industrial elements along with that rustic country charm, you get the warm and natural, yet eclectic, interior design style we’ve all come to love.

Creating this modern and intimate space for our clients is a passion of ours. The farmhouse trends never go out of style and continue to cultivate the classic comfort with a modern flair. A kitchen designed in a modern farmhouse style is functional, free of clutter, and always chic. If you can’t afford to hire a professional interior designer to remodel your kitchen, here are a few things you can do to get that fresh, bright, modern farmhouse look:

Color. Modernize the look of your kitchen with a crisp neutral color that gives you a base for your new canvas. Shades of whites, light grays and tans are among the most common for achieving this look. 

Hardware. You wouldn’t believe the way a look can change by simply replacing old cabinet hardware with newer, modern styles.

Lighting. Classic hanging pendants, mason jar, and industrial-type bulb lighting and fixtures can transform a room before even flipping a switch!

Accents. You can create the contrast that gives your room a stunning appeal by finding a creative pattern and use as a backsplash like the ones above the ovens (as shown below).  


When looking to create your own take on modern farmhouse decor, it always helps to put a new, fresh spin on rustic or reclaimed elements so your home feels totally unique to you while remaining thoroughly modern in appeal. If you’re looking for help to achieve this look, I’d love to help you create your amazing new space. Take a look through our portfolio and give me a call!

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