A kitchen & pantry remodel in

Cameron Park

With this kitchen and pantry remodel, we had to super creative – the door to the laundry room (and then to the garage) was literally smack in the middle of the kitchen range wall – our solution was to reconfigure the laundry room a bit, and relocate the entrance to the laundry room and hide it in an area we created just between the kitchen and dining rooms. From there we built a short hallway back to the laundry room. This gave us the space we needed to create a nice focal range wall, and not lose interior access to the laundry room and garage. We were able to use the newly created space for the new entrance to the laundry as a walk in pantry with custom shelving and custom steel and glass door. We also removed 3 small windows in the nook, replaced the header and installed a single glass window to take full advantage of the views they have living ON the golf course – right in the middle of it!