A home remodel in

Rancho Murrieta

This sleek and modern kitchen and family room remodel was both challenging and fun. Painted, flat panel cabinetry provides a clean and simple base to the kitchen while the heavy veining in the island countertop flows seamlessly over the double waterfall edge detail. The dimensional tile on the backsplash provided an intriguing shape to an otherwise ‘flat dominant’ space. Hidden countertop outlets allow the backsplash to have minimal visual disruption, and large windows at the sink create unobstructed views to the backyard as well as overlook the pool. The family room boasts three, massive, 12 foot tall, monolithic ceramic tiles on the fireplace wall and help create a visual ‘wow’ as you walk through the front door. Above the fireplace is a custom framed ‘TV Mirror’ that allows the TV to be viewed as normal, but when not in use is camouflaged as a standard piece of wall art or even a mirror!