Our Design + Build Process

We are a boutique home builder and remodeling contractor specializing in design-build from concept to completion. With one main point of contact in your project, we are highly adaptive and responsive with complete communication. Our streamlined design-build process brings a wealth of knowledge and a greater understanding of how design decisions impact your budget and construction. We provide a less stressful approach to creating your dream home with ongoing communication.

Step 1

Discovery and Consultation Phase

We start every project with an initial consultation to discuss your goals and vision for the project and get a feel for the space. During this meeting, we listen carefully to understand your wants and needs, lifestyle, and how design can support your needs and priorities. Our goal in this discussion is to answer questions, provide insights and establish if we are a good fit to help you reach your vision.

Step 2

Design Work and Preconstruction Services Agreement

Before the Construction Agreement, we will first define and agree upon a PSA (Preconstruction Services Agreement). This agreement includes the fees to define the custom design phase with the scope and final budget and scope. We’ll determine what will be done, including design schematics, drafting proposed floor plans for architectural considerations, along with mechanical, and electrical systems. Final finishes, materials, and layout of cabinetry are determined. You will own the results of the design work we create in the PSA. Additionally, you are NOT obligated to enter into a Construction Agreement.

Step 3

The Construction Agreement

We will present a final Construction Contract that includes final costs.  We’ll set up a meeting with you to discuss the scope of work, project plan, progress payments, timelines, and logistics. We want you to be comfortable and confident when starting your new project. With the approval of the final Construction Agreement we will begin assembling our core team of trusted experts

In Process Changes: Regardless of how well-planned your project is, you may decide you want to make new changes along the way. We’ll be transparent about how costs associated with your changes will change and how it affects your production schedule. 

Step 4

Construction and Building Your Project

This is where all of the project planning and the designs are brought to life. Before we begin construction we will set up your access to our customer cloud-based portal. You’ll have visibility to all of your project details from schedules to job photos. This is an exciting time that we’ll be in consistent communication with you while guiding you through the construction process.

Step 5

Project Completion

During this phase, we meticulously inspect every detail of the projects. In our final meeting to review, we’ll answer any operational questions regarding appliances, and/or heating/cooling systems. All clean-up will include within and around the property. We’ll set up documentation for you to list anything you might run that needs revisions. We’ll discuss the comprehensive 3-year warranty in case unexpected events occur.

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